Pixel Canvas


We are a browser based, 3D, interactive platform that has helped major brands address the new reality of digital interactivity with a superior product. Pixel Canvas leverages a gaming background and high visual fidelity 3D design experience to offer environments in the Metaverse.

We received a huge opportunity to work with Verizon 5G Lab and the WXR Venture Fund in partnership with Kaleidoscope and Darragh Dandurand to create an immersive celebration titled, “Women of Spatial: A Creative Tech and Startup Summit” for Women’s Equality Day.

Pixel Canvas recently had the opportunity to create a unique and festive event for a wonderful client to give some holiday joy to their employees.

UCLA Anderson recently reached out to Pixel Canvas, to inquire what solutions we can provide for their annual event, the Venture Accelerator Showcase. Due to the difficulties of Covid-19, having a physical space with hundreds of attendees would be impossible. So a digital platform would be the next best thing, and using the Pixel Canvas platform would allow hundreds of attendees to explore and discover each founder in the Accelerator program.

Over the year, Pixel Canvas has had the opportunity to build incredible worlds, from empowering start-ups, to exploring high tech themes. So when the team from the Gerald Loeb Awards reached out to build an amazing award show, celebrating journalists across the world. Of course, we couldn’t say no.

Attendees can explore as a group with video and text chat capabilities accessible on every page.